Wednesday, 15 March 2017

5 Points to be kept in mind before buying a container house under 100k

Haters are gonna hate but, you must go on! Yes, many may say how not- so- great- an- idea it is to build yourself a container house. But, it's the in- thing, probably forever! It's one of the most eco- friendly houses in Bangalore and are efficient, affordable homes which are available in no time and you don't have to put too much effort in it too! However, keep in mind 5 points before buying your shipping container home under 100k:

Build a container home post looking into the location: Sometimes, people who want to build containers forget the fact that it might be a task for builders to transport your shipping container homes. It's a nightmare if your container cannot be shipped at your location due to issues like space. Pick a location or design which can fit through the route of your container house. Save up money by not renting out trucks

Container homes under 100k

Low budget containers: Assuming your budget of building a container prefab homes under 100k, avoid going for a fresh container. There are several shipping container homes which can be recycled and are in great condition- all you have to do is, see it for yourself, look out for glitches like rusts, molds and so on. If you cannot go look at one yourself, look out for a source which is trustworthy and buy your shipping container home. Or, if you choose to opt for a new container home, you can always change the layout, design and so on. It'll become less expensive than before
Don't cut containers too much: Maintain your container's structural integrity by not cutting them down too much. Remember, container homes are made from steel- cutting steel is very expensive and is a wastage too! It does not make sense to make your home smaller- keep it spacious, keep it big!

Plan out your container- don't rush into it: It should be a dream for you- to build an affordable container home. If you do not believe in your dream, you're got going to be able to achieve it! Yes, containers can be hard but, they're beautiful, customized homes with energy- efficiency too. Make a rough sketch of what you want- the design and this and that and then go to a great architect!

Think about the budget: Money makes things happen. However, if you choose a good contractor, builder, and architect, you can definitely save up on a lot. Once the container is built, don't worry, the maintenance, insulation and other costs are little or nothing!

There are several other things you need to look into like the location you're living in- if it's always raining there and moist since forever, it's definitely not the destination you want to build a container house and so on. 

It's all about what you want from your container and whether you're getting it. However, container homes are the best- it's lie living in a box!

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