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Is prefab homing the right choice for homing in India?

Dicey question, ain't it? Well, as you must've seen on TV or, in reality, prefabricated homes are mostly seen abroad- not really in India. However, it shall be great if we increased the number from 100's to several more prefab homes due to multiple reasons other than its affordability.

Every state, city, district in India can have prefab homes. However, there are some which must set up eco- friendly homes. Therefore, here's a list of areas in India in ascending order which must set up prefab structures right away:

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1. Montane Region-

The montane region in India includes states like Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim too. These regions in India are meant for prefabricated homes- they can set up wooden homes which shall provide them with a lot of benefits like:

Log homes or wooden homes shall help the house store carbon meaning, trees and wood items have a one of a kind capacity to store carbon. As trees develop, they ingest carbon dioxide. At the point when the trees are reasonably reaped and used to make wood items, the carbon remains put away in the wood for the life of the item. Around half of the dry weight of wood is carbon

Wooden homes also prevent major fires. As you know, in the hill regions, there are a lot of bonfires which take place every now and then. You'll be free from burning down your house and enjoy the perks of owning a wooden house because of its temperature control- the house shall ensure the insides temperature to be as neutral as possible. Did you know, an insulator wood is 15 times better than masonry and concrete, 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminum!

Log cabins keep the environment clean and elegant. Also, an old tree is cut down with a great purpose in mind and a new tree is planted too, leading to a 100% increase in oxygen rates!

Moreover, wooden houses in India shall increase the employment opportunities, affordability in building homes, uniqueness and shall save up immense amount of space! Therefore, everyone can live with roofs above their heads!

2. Humid Sub- Tropical Region-

This is a tough one- however, when it comes to areas like Manali, etc., wooden homes, prefab cottages, can be built. Container homes are just the right choice to be made for commercial purpose. Here's why it's just the right choice:

Wood as a maerial shall maintain the temperature of the house at all times
Wood is readily available as it's a renewable resource

Container homes or, structures can be set up for small scale businesses or on check- posts, etc. which are easy to build as well as affordable

Both wooden and container houses are cozy, cost- effective and suitable for this area

3. Tropical Wet and Dry Region-

Cities like Ooty, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai etc. comprise of this region with all kinds of prefab housing possible like:

Wooden homes, as mentioned above shall maintain the temperature of the house

With regard to aluminum wooden prefab homes, they shall keep the house corrosion- resistant, cost- effective and elegant!

Container homes are perfect for commercial use or for purposes like e- toilets etc. which gives room for the individuals to use effectively and save up on space as well

4. Tropical Wet Region-

Areas like Kerala, parts of Karnataka, Lakshadweep Islands, Goa come under this bracket and guess what, the right option is definitely container homes, wooden homes or, aluminum wooden villas. Here are its benefits:

Try out materials like aluminum corrosion resistant material and build yourself an aluminum prefab house because of its resistance to water. Tropical wet regions are high on rainfall, making it your best option to own a safe, secure, eco- friendly prefab house in India.

You can also opt for aluminum doors and windows. This shall give your house a very elegant look especially, when you're setting up a wooden house

When it comes to wooden homes with aluminum interiors, the benefit is that wooden homes are easy to repair and do not get damaged as easily as brick homes, for instance

Wood as a material is safe, biodegradable and versatile. So, why not combine it with aluminum and set up a wonderful prefabricated aluminum wooden villa?

5. Semi- Arid & Arid Regions-

Areas like Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. comes under this bracket wherein, wooden homes are just the right choice people living here can make. Or, you can always opt for aluminum wood villas as:

Property prices are low here due to the Gujarat earthquake which took place in the recent past. Investors can buy property and set up prefab wooden homes or, aluminum wood villas which shall not only give them great returns but, set their standards in such posh states!

The temperature control which brick homes are still not being able to achieve can be achieved with the help of wooden homes due to the insulation quality of wood

Maintenance cost is zero, making it easy for dry regions like these to maintain their houses
Container house is a good choice one can make with regard to homes if they have great insulators like a rain- water harvest on the roof and so much more, keeping the house cozy and fun to live in
Commercial use of containers is getting vast and it begun from Gujarat at first!

Please take note- prefab homes are a must for all areas to start working on. There are several homeless individuals across the country who cannot afford to own a house.

Help yourself and other with regard to property availability, affordability, accessibility, etc. and make India a sustainable country.

Take little steps towards success this way and you'll very soon be a major contributor just by switching to eco- friendly homes in India.

In the end, yes, prefab homing is the right choice for homing in India!

Save money, save time, save resources- Right Away!

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