Wednesday, 21 February 2018

3 exciting ways your house can save money on electricity bills

Today is the time when sustainable development is a must. We all have to do it whether we like it or not. So, why not start from home? Here are 3 easy and fun ways in which you can not only contribute to sustainability but, you can save money on your electricity bills.
These ways may seem to be expensive but, ain’t. You’ll realize it years down the line.

Opt for high star rating products/ services

As you know, your fridge, air- conditioners etc. have something called ‘stars’ associated with its quality, energy efficiency and more. The moment you opt for options like six-star products, you’ll see a 100% change in your electricity bills! Six stars are considered to be an average number which is not just affordable, it’s something we need to switch to right away. Sustainable development is hard but, one step at a time won’t hurt much. 

Here’s a fun fact- you can save more than 100$ per year on your power bills just by switching from a five-star to six-star refrigerator. Moreover, .six-star homes are estimated to use 24 percent less energy through heating and cooling than 5-star homes!

There are multiple criteria on the basis of the ratings of each product is given an extra start over the other like insulation, thermal mass, orientation and more. The star-ratings can boost your prefab house’s efficiency and can be regarded as one of the best eco-friendly homes!

Smart appliances must be picked out

There are so many appliances, gadgets etc. in our house, right? Well, rethink about keeping them in. It might seem expensive to sell products you love like a 5-star, two-door refrigerator and buy a six-star one. But, in the long run, it’ll bring in a lot of profit for you. 

Remember considering a larger appliance with more stars might be more efficient, but because of its size, it may still use more power than a smaller option.

Remember, buy convenient appliances which are eco-friendly. There’s no point in buying a refrigerator which you cannot operate, change the temperature etc. in order to save electricity. So, beware! Moreover, in the end, it’s you who’s using the appliance so, learnt it in and out so that you can turn it up, down or even off at any point of time!

Orientation and design 

The design of your wooden house or any prefab house matters here too. Imagine, you have so many ventilators in the house which already have the ability to cool your house down. Point being, what is the need to invest in an air- conditioner if you have built- in ventilators? If you wish to keep in products in your new prefab home, ensure you design it accordingly. It sounds expensive but,isn’t. 
You can also switch to passive solar energy heating cooling techniques, giving your house the edge. This increases your home’s energy efficiency and minimises or eliminates the need for extra heating, cooling and artificial light, making it affordable yet, exceptional!

Enjoy sustainability- make the most out of such alternatives.

Many energy-saving features are expensive or difficult to incorporate down the track. That’s alright. Make it a priority to put some time and effort into researching the best ways to make your new home energy smart when you build – and you’ll enjoy the cost savings for many years to come.