Thursday, 13 October 2016

Things You Need To Keep in Mind While Buying A Prefabricated Home

Prefab homes are lovely to live in but what it things go wrong? What if you get the unexpected? 
As a buyer, there are several things you need to consider while purchasing a prefab home. Prefab homes are different in many regards. 

Here's a checklist which will help you while you buy yourself a lovely prefab home:

Do enough research: Research with regard to the land you purchase and the builder are very important. Make sure you find out about whether your land allows manufactured construction or not. There are several residential neighborhoods which ban construction of prefabricated homes based on several factors like deed restrictions and other land laws. Before you own your desired land, make sure you're allowed to set up your own prefabricated home there. With regard to the contractor, make sure he's not someone who is not that great to work with. Remember, building yourself a prefab home is one of the most fun experience ever! What's the point of working with someone who's not at all interactive or open to your suggestions?

Be careful of land home package deals: These deals are offered by manufacturers of modular homes. It includes several things like building the home, inspection and so on. It might seem like an awes trucking deal however, it ain't. There can be heavy prices (literally) you might have to pay for like high interest rates, maintenance fees and so on. Not just that, you might find several prefab homes around your home which shall lead to a drop on your resale value. This is like everyone having a cherry on their cakes which doesn't set you apart from the rest!

Solid foundation- A must: Manufacturers will always encourage you to purchase the land which is convenient for them to sell. However, having a solid foundation is not always a part of the deal, it's a plus point! If you build your own prefab home, the foundation is all yours. Here comes a question- why is the foundation so important anyway? Here's the thing, the mortgage lenders will not finance the prefab home if the foundation ain't permanent. 

Keep track of the real estate scenario: In recent times, the resale value of prefabricated homes are increasing in value- especially if the location is in the desired areas. It's always a wise idea to keep track of where the real estate goes before purchasing your land. It's the land that matters at the end of the day. A prefab home is a plus point!

Prefab homes are highly preferred now because of several reasons like them being extremely eco- friendly, cost effective and even a great house to live in once you retire! It's the perfect retirement plan home. Reason being, they're so cozy and lovely to live in with a touch of you in it. You can add on your own swimming pool, garden, anything! Prefabricated wooden homes are loved by all because of it's uniqueness- nobody can take it away from them. Yes, they can be risky a purchase. However, you as a buyer need to be extremely smart with regard to the location and the contractor you choose. Not just that, you need to see how well you plan it. It's not just about living in one, it's about feeling it while building it. 

Friday, 7 October 2016

The Ultimate Beauty of Container Homes

Container homes have become a popular option to live in in countries like Australia, USA and so on. Therefore, there's been a huge rate to increase in the rate of shipping container homes for sale.

Here's the thing- 2 options are available, either recycle the cargo containers or build new container homes. The entire purpose of container homes is to recycle and encourage people to use recycled goods and start with homes! Not just that, container homes are lovely to live in as they are so cozy and comforting. There are several shipping container homes available for sale which will make you feel like home and will be extremely cost- effective and time saving too! Not just that, you'll become an inspiration to society to encourage them to build their own  Eco- friendly prefab homes.

The beauty of container homes are that they're so very durable and can withstand disasters as intense as hurricanes! Not just that, there are several other reasons why container homes are labeled as beautiful homes:


  • As mentioned above, container homes are the strongest homes ever. Not just that, they're like living in a box which is an exceptional experience all by itself. Shipping container homes are stacked up, hundreds of them altogether and they withstand such harsh environments on their way to their respective destinations! These homes are safe and strong. Not just that, if taken care of properly, will not catch rust or break easily. Container homes have four corners and their foundation is simple yet, strong.

  • Container homes are extremely inexpensive. If recycled, they're even more cheap as there's no need of off- site construction. However, you need to look at the cargo container carefully as you might find rust or any damage which might cause you hindrance later on while living in it. However, when you compare the price of a regular home with container homes, they're extremely cheap and extra- ordinary. Also, their modular shapes helps the design process speed-en up and keep it simple.
  • Container homes are exceptional comfort homes. There are options of customization which will help you see what you truly want in your container home. Not just that, there are several container homes for sale which can be completely insulated and heating and cooling elements can also be added. Also, widows can also be added for natural sunlight. Also, if you're getting the feels of claustrophobia, don't feel it. Sliding glass doors can be installed accompanied by a living room and a rest room as well!

  • Most importantly, container homes are eco- friendly in spite of being so beautiful. It's like beauty with purpose. You might be skeptical about your container home being eco- friendly as it's purely made out of steel. But the fact is that it takes more labor to melt down than re-purpose them. Why let cargo homes go waste when you can re construct them? Live a sustainable, inspiring living by living in a container home.

Container homes are indeed extraordinary. That's not just because of the above points mentioned, it's also because they're extremely cost effective and sturdy keeping you safe inside your lovely home. Also, when you buy a used container home, make it a point to inspect it yourself so that you would be able to look out for glitches and so on. Live strong, live beautiful.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How To Find The Right Shipping Container Homes For Sale

Shipping container homes are hallmarks of recycling on the architectural level. Container homes can be used for anything- a store, a home, or even a studio! Container homes are extremely inexpensive and durable. They are considered to be the strongest and one of the most beautiful homes to be lived in. They can be used on both commercial and residential level!

Before discussing the guide to shipping container homes, let's discuss the 5 essential benefits of container homes:

Extremely easy to be built- Container homes are built in less than 2 months which is just perfect for individuals who want to move in immediately.

Properly insulated- The ventilation system in container homes are good and there's easy insulation with regard to extreme temperature changes.

Can withstand extreme weather- Container homes are so durable that they can even withstand extreme weather conditions like hurricanes which is wonderfully exceptional.

Cost effective- Container homes are cost effective to a great level as there's no wastage and the labor force used is less as well and for other reasons too!

Eco- friendly homes- These homes are considered to be eco- friendly because they can even be recycled which is why container homes for sale are also a great option to choose from. Not only that, the construction is mostly done off- site preventing any kind of pollution on- site and the energy efficiency is terrific!

There are places all around the globe to get you access to container homes for sale. It's definitely the best option to look out locally since, you can have a look at the container home yourself and inspect it well before purchasing it. Not just that, it'll lead to cost benefits with regard to the delivery charge.

However, if you do not have any local options to choose from, go international! Do your research well and approach the right places. You can purchase shipping container homes with maximum security and satisfaction too! Go for the certified dealers as they will have a history of their business.
Or else, the internet is always there for you! Go for the most satisfying company, small or large where you shall find your dream container home for sale!

There might be a case where you may be unable to personally inspect your container home. So, ask your dealer for high quality pictures of the entire structure- all the sides, the top, bottom, inside and out! Make sure it's got no corrosion and nothing twisted! Also, ask about the age of the container home and if there's any documentation available.

Do not purchase a container home which has been recently painted. It usually implies hidden damage like rust or corrosion and so on. Rust, scrapes and so on do not really affect the quality and functioning of a container home. However, corrosion definitely does! Don't even go for it even if it's available at an extremely low price because, it's repair is going to cost you a fortune. Also, you never know, it might not even be real steel.

In today's time, we are aiming for sustainability. Container homes are a great symbol for that as not only they are eco- friendly, they hugely contribute to sustainable development. Shipping container homes mostly provide with a sturdy base for building an eco- friendly future.