Thursday, 10 January 2019

Most Affordable Prefab Home Brands 2019

One thing the world really needs to dislike is the idea of building a new house on-site! It looks like a dumpster zone. Guess what, observational studies have shown that more than 15% of materials used to build a new home with end up in the waste, most of which is non-biodegradable!
The world does not need landfills – especially developing countries like India and other countries like the USA as well.

A solution is available, though, prefabricated homes! These homes are also called sustainable homes or green homes because the waste produced is minimal and are pre- built in nature viz factory built! Prefab homes have multiple benefits like cost- saving, material saving, resources are well used and it surely is an eco- friendly option of building a home!
From effective light fixtures to the best of appliances, live in top notch homes, at the best prices. Check out the most affordable prefab home brands this 2019:

1. Champion Prefabs

This is the most affordable prefab home brand you can ever find. It's an Indian brand with so much to offer at such less prices. Be it container homes or wooden homes or container homes, kiosks, prefab cottages, cabins and more, it's all done here with utmost perfection. In fact, Champion Prefabs prefab houses undergo 35+ quality checks, ensuring they're safe to live in and can be made available in about 90 days only!

2. Kodasema

This is an Estonian company and specializes in tiny, modular homes which include a living room, terrace, washroom, beautiful roofs and more. The point this brand tries to make is of minimalism with a touch of green living via solar panels, natural wood interiors etc. No foundation is required and moving is pretty easy. However, they're pretty pricey!

3. Unity Homes

Inspired by the New England style of living, this brand is all about two- storey homes which are cape-styled! These homes have pretty good ceilings and are spacious as well. Meeting the latest energy efficiency standards, this brand is known for the quality of housing provided.

4. Bert and May

Small, box style homes are your thing? Well, this brand is the one. The prefab homes built here are very modernist in nature with a simple PV system which can provide with almost 1/4th of your energy supplies, green planted roof, cabin- like charm and much more.

5. Deltec

Most popularly known for its solar designs, this brand is known for the right blend of green and trendy homes. A solar hot water kit is installed in the prefab homes, keeping the hotness at home going! However, these homes are pretty expensive and are difficult to build as well.

6. Honomobo

This is a shipping container specializing brand and provides with purely recycled shipping containers. It's a pretty good way to promote a good lifestyle and there's air source heat pump as well as hot water heaters installed to reduce external energy source usage.

One thing amazing about prefab homes is that they're pretty easy to maintain, based on the materials used, easy to build, move into and turn it into your personal space! The interiors can be boundless and it can truly be called your home, your green home. Soe, be the change you want to see – live eco-friendly, live affordable.

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