Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Can You Afford To Build Yourself A Shipping Container Home?

On a global level, there's been a rise in the home prices. It's been very difficult for all to get a good property on the property market. Prices have hiked over 8% in this year alone.

It's not just about the property anymore, it's about the house building prices as well. Yes, it's getting expensive however, nobody is really making money out of it. 

This leaves people wondering whether they can afford their own home or not. 

That's how the concept of shipping container homes came- they're affordable, effective and ideal for most of the population.


“Cant I afford a container house?

You need to know 2 things if you need to answer this question- the budget and the expected cost of your dream home.

Working out the budget is very simple- it's all about how much you have in your bank account!
However, the expected cost can be proven to be tricky. Especially, if you have no idea about how to go about the entire process of building yourself your container home. 

Here, comes the breaking down the bit where you need to drill down into each and every intricate detail of your container house- the cost of the land, taxes and purchase fee and so on. 

Professional fees and land fees are the 2 most major expenses you shall have. Post this comes to the insulation fee, interiors and so on. Once you've carefully calculated the expected cost of your container house, you can take the process forward. 

Here are 2 great cost saving tips you can make use of while building your dream shipping container home:

1. It's rightly said, the smaller, the better

It's an obvious tip however, it's a great hack for you to adopt while building the shipping container home. Your designer has to put a lot of thought while planning and designing your shipping container house. One thing must be kept in mind- stick to your plan. If you do not, it's going to be very expensive to re- do the home. Plan your shopping container houses such that you do not waste any space. Remember, people can even make a comfortable living in the smallest of spaces. If you choose to be lavish, you're going to spend a lot on your shipping container houses which shall not be worth it. Bottom line being, using just the right amount- neither too much nor too little!

2. Make sure you make use of good materials

It's a myth that good quality equals expensive end- products! The reason why good quality is recommended is to prevent any expensive repairs for later. While designing your container homes, try paying attention to the sizes you need for each material. For instance, drywall for insulation and so on. 
In the end, shipping container homes are very affordable with regard to living spaces if only one carefully plans everything out. Appropriate measures, thorough planning and so on can reduce further costs! 

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