Monday, 30 July 2018

Why Are Prefabricated Houses Great For An Eco- Friendly Living?

Here's a question for you- can a house save our planet? Then the answer is, yes! A well- planned prefabricated house can definitely do the trick for you!
In this time of growing population all over the globe, people have been looking out for green options of living. 
When it comes to prefabricated homes, conventional construction loses the race!


Here's why conventional construction ain't eco- friendly:

The construction style of these homes are terrible- it's all done on- site where there's an abundant amount of pollution to kill our planet. As per a research in England, 32% of landfill waste was reported which is not a good number. Considering the quick development in cities like Bangalore, India and so on, prefabricated homes in Bangalore is a great option to adopt to or else, the conventional style is going to ruin it for all.

Now, the question is- why prefabricated houses?

Prefab homes take control over air pollution: A recent WHO report said, 98% cities in middle and low-income countries don't meet the air quality guideline. Also, 56% of the problem can be solved by the construction of prefabricated houses. As mentioned earlier, the conventional style of the building is constructed on- site implying, there's immense pollution caused during construction. Ont the other hand, prefab homes are constructed in an enclosed construction system or off- site construction system. This prevents poisonous gasses from entering the environment and reduces chances of pollution. 

Prefab reduces waste pollution: Due to the modern civilization, waste pollution has taken birth and has become huge now which is why our planet is facing so many difficulties today. Here, prefabricated houses can do the trick. Since, most of the construction is done off- site, there are much software which architects can make use of to prevent even an inch of wastage, preventing waste pollution!

Also, prefab homes have smart features which shall make a huge difference to our environment:

1. Less energy needs
2. Low carbon emission
3. The adoption of reducing, reuse, recycle!

Energy efficiency: Another benefit of prefabricated houses is it's energy efficiency. The energy efficiency is so beneficial that modern architecture benefits from it in the following ways- 
Net-zero water and energy use strategies.

  1. Airtight construction.
  2. High-efficiency heating and cooling to passive solar.
  3. Radiant heat flooring.
  4. Plumbing consists of corrosion-resistant PEX tubing instead of copper pipes.

“Off-the-grid” package with a rainwater catchment roof and storage cistern.
Reduce, reuse, recycle: The entire prefab home construction gives complete freedom to adapt to this method of using materials because of it's enclosed construction style. Materials like leftover plastics can also be used to help in recycling. The aim of green building is that we can reduce usage of unnecessary materials which damage the environment and to keep our planet clean and green.
 The benefits of eco- friendly houses.

Here are a few additional perks which shall inspire your to build yourself a green home:

  1. Lower building material cost 
  2. Less maintenance cost.
  3. Natural lighting
  4. Natural temperature regulation
  5. Healthy indoor environment 
  6. Organic and chemical-free building materials
  7. Highly-improved air quality and better emission process
  8. Don't regret, you can always build yourself a prefab home in India!

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