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How To Build A Prefabricated House

The most overlooked advantage of prefab building is how quickly a home can be open for the client to live in. Usually, it takes about 6 weeks to complete a full- fledged prefabricated home. However, it completely depends upon the infrastructure of the modular home- how big, complicated it is and so on. 

This doesn't mean that your home will be open for you to live in within 6 weeks. Here's a list of tasks you need to fulfill before actually beginning with the construction of the house. 

Phase 1 – Planning – takes about 1-2 months

Getting financing- There are a lot of things you need to do with-in this one task. Things like getting a prequalified estimate, comparing rates, applying for loans, etc., getting approval, setting up a disbursement schedule, closing your loan and so on come into the picture. You need to do a great amount of research as to how much can you spend or how much will your loan approximately come down to, the interest rates of each bank for a home loan, which one to choose, which one not to, etc. Also, once all that is decided upon, closing the loan comes into the picture. It's a complex matter to think about. However, it's the most simple way to put it across to you. Just be clear about the funds!

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Finding land- Next on, comes finding the right location. Think carefully, ask yourself and your family several questions like where they would like to live, the facilities around, locality, availability of schools, other individuals and so on. Also, try not picking up a location which is too far from your workplace or school- it's going to create major transportation issues and fuel issues, if you have a car. Try looking out for a safe locality with kids around- it brings in charm and chirpiness, keeping your life very lively and interactive. 

Getting building permits- Another major and technical task- you need to be very careful, if you miss out on even one permit, your house will not be permitted to be set- up. These permits have a very simple yet, important aim- to help you live safe and legal. Every country has it's own building permits so, do enough research or, choose the right builder who helps you out with the official bit. 

Picking a general contractor- As I mentioned earlier, the greater the contractor, the better and easier it gets to build you your home. The 'before prefab homes construction' bit is a lot more complicated for you than the latter. It's fun once it's done because of the designing, customization, etc.

Due diligence on your land-Remember, some diligence on the property is a must! Or else, get ready for some nasty surprises popping up. The kind of soil you're building your home, partial ownership rights and so on need to be looked into before going any further.

Designing your home- The fun part- design your dream home with your designer and come up with the most unique prefab home, your very own dream home, ever!

Phase 2 – Manufacture and Site Preparation – Up to 6 weeks

Manufacturing of your home- The least worrying bit for you is the manufacturing process. Most of the work is done off- site. The houses are built in factories with the help of professionals so, it's all going to be crisp!
Preparing your land for construction- This is the part where you must focus upon the energy put on your land- this helps you prep the site so that your house can be delivered at it's destination on time! 
Pouring the foundation- This is the foundation on which your house is going to get laid out on. You need to be about which material it is. 

Phase 3 – Construction – Another 6 weeks

Delivery and set of the modules- The home is finally delivered at it's destination. However, there's some more to do- the setting up of the home, unloading of the parts and so on. The time taken varies from the size of the prefabricated house.
Buttoning up- Finally, the manufacturer's job is over. Tasks, like repairing the shipping damages interior finishing, connecting the modules and finishing the unfinished area, comes into the picture!
Inspections- Here, your house needs to go through multiple quality checks just to make sure that you live a safe life!

There are several prefabricated homes builders and architects and so on who work hand in hand just to help you build you your dream home. All you need to do is plan out your bit and do enough research over it!


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