Tuesday, 24 July 2018

8 Reasons You Should Choose a Prefab Home Over Traditional Construction

You need to change, evolve with time. Else, you'll be left behind in the race of life.

As people say, change is new, change is good! So, why not switch to a prefab construction over traditional construction?

There are several benefits when it comes to choosing prefab construction over a traditional one. The most obvious one is that there's a lot of flexibility with respect to how much you want to expand or reduce or relocate the home as per your wish.

Here are our top 8 reasons to switch to Prefabs homes from traditional ones

1. Versatility is something wonderful that prefab homes constructions have. The modular components are highly capable of being expanded, relocated or even reused! This flexibility shall help you a lot in the future. On the other hand, traditional construction, in simple words, is just a traditional home! Yes, they're old and lovely. However, they're rigid, just like the old times. What's the point of choosing a traditional style of construction when you have something as versatile as a prefab homes? Think about it.

2. In today's world, nobody has time. Especially, no time to waste! Prefab homes can be quickly installed which traditional homes do not provide you with. The modular components in a prefab home are pre- engineered so that they can be assembled quickly and sent across during installation. This shall lead to a minimal effect on overall plant productivity. Traditional homes are built from scratch, taking very, very long to be set up. You never know what changes you would want and whether it's possible in a traditional home or not. However, in a prefab home, you can make changes whenever and wherever you want.

3. Prefabricated construction has minimal on- site construction. Everything's done in the factory. This reduces the dust and other contaminants during installation leading to lessening of air pollution. Also, it leads to very less disruption to your surrounding in all aspects. Lastly, employee productivity is positive and not something to be very unhappy or dissatisfied about. On the other hand, traditional construction is done in a very old school manner. So, there's a lot of labor involved, disruption in and around the environment and most of the work is done on- site. Why not choose prefab homes construction which is so much more clean, crisp, productive and quick?

4. Prefab construction helps in quick installation and in setting up the home. This leads to a lower cost of labor and saves time. Traditional construction on the other hand is labor intensive, time consuming and very expensive in comparison to prefab construction.

5. When it comes to prefab construction, you save time with respect to the design time taken. It significantly reduces the engineering and architectural time taken to design your building. When it comes to traditional construction, it's very taxing as there's not much technology involved leading to a lot of head breaking and wastage of time.

6. Prefab construction has great consistency quality and appearance. There are standardized modular components which you can always work on as per your wish making your home more customized. This flexibility and quality is not very promising when it comes to traditional construction.

7. Prefabricated construction has durable wall panels which need very little maintenance and occasional surface cleaning. This eliminates the cost of repainting, surface repairs and so on. Such promises are not really made in the case of traditional construction.

8. Most importantly, prefab construction is eco-friendly which, traditional construction isn't. The construction materials can be re-used, preventing wastage. Also, we can choose materials of our choice.

Prefabricated Wooden homes are just what you need right now if you want a beautiful, personalized home in a few weeks rather than waiting for months, probably years with high quality of construction. This is the trend and it's great!

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