Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Top 3 Major Challenges Faced by Prefabricated Homes

Although, prefabricated homes are just the right choice for each and every household to switch to, there are several issues faced by this product. Yes, it has room for customization, there are several types of prefab homes like container homes, wooden homes and so on. However, somewhere down the line, the world is not being able to see it's beauty- how beneficial it is to build wooden homes all across the globe, for instance and so on.

In this blog, we're going to face major challenges faced by prefab home builders and how we can possibly overcome them.

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1. Lack of consumer awareness:

How many of you even knew the fact that a term called 'prefab homes' existed all this time? Barely any in countries like India and so on. That's the point. Prefab homes are the best we have right now in the construction industry. Why not inspire all or make them away of the idea? This housing style has been in existence since a long time now. Yet, countries like India are still struggling to own prefabricated houses in India. AS builders, you must make your audience aware of the beauty of prefab homes. Tell them this-
  1. Prefabricated houses are eco- friendly houses. Why not build eco- friendly houses in India?
  2. They're well- insulated and ventilated and are very durable too. In fact, they can overcome hurricanes too
  3. There's room for customization at cheap rates
  4. Prefab homes do not take much time to be set up. In fact, they go through 35+ quality checks, making sure you live safe, unlike conventional homes
  5. Container homes, wooden homes and so on are a few types one can choose from. They're unique and not too space consuming, saving up huge costs like that of land and building
  6. They're energy- efficient homes which are very cozy!
  7. What more do you need? Affordability, aesthetic finishes and eco- friendliness.

2. Solves space constraints in larger cities: 

Take India, for instance. Prefabricated houses in Bangalore are just perfect! Reasons being, they solve major issues like that of space available, pollution and so on. In fact, with prefab building, you can build spacious homes with space left outside for a small pool or playground too! Above all, they are affordable and do not take much time to be set up. Also, they resolve the problem of pollution and wastage to a great extent!

3. Perks of prefab building: 

Not only variety comes in the picture but, several other perks come wit prefab construction. Container homes are built from recycled cargoes, preventing major wastage of steel and several other materials. Also, wooden homes make sure old trees are cut down, which provide with little oxygen. Instead, new trees are planted. Also, since most of the work is done off- site, pollution and wastage of raw materials are preventing, making sure you pay less even though, your home is customized. Above all, it works towards sustainable development, making this world a better place to live in.

Build your dream home using prefab construction, see the change in you and the coming generations. Remember, it starts from you. So, inspire all!


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