Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Why FEMA Says Prefabricated Homes Are Safer

Till date, no manufacturer has dared to say or prove that their homes are extremely durable- durable to a level where they would label their homes as 'hurricane- proof' except prefabricated homes. Time and again prefabricated houses have proven their point of being capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions way better than site- built homes do. 

FEMA has constantly praised prefabricated construction for the soundest workmanship, dating back to a report in the year 1993. 

Quality Workmanship:

What if airplanes were not built with the standard parts in the factories by professionals? Would you trust it to a level where you would be able to fly in a plane? Prefabricated manufacturing also holds a similar case- would you want to live in a home which possibly may be unsafe? 

The beauty of modern prefabricated homes is that it's rigorous quality control with regard to the house, the materials used and so on is amazing. Most of the work is done off- site i.e. in factories so, there's no worry with regard to it being subpar! The seals on the roof of your home is done by a professional who is great at it's job- to build roofs, all day long. He has all the accessibility with regard to the best tools, training, experience and so on which would help him do his job a lot more than perfectly each time! This, in fact, is true for each step while building modular homes.

A report cited that due to inadequate design, misapplication of several building materials and substandard workmanship has led to damaging of many residential structures.

All thanks to off- site construction, there shall never be an issue for one to contribute in building your home in a very durable manner irrespective of his knowledge, design or skills.


Here's a fact- prefabricated houses are inspected at each step of it's construction process. The local and state inspectors also do their job but the builders know and care for you! Site- built homes are taken for granted and not inspected as often as modular homes- maybe that's why they're falling off each time an earthquake occurs!

Site- built homes have just one inspection when the home is completed! Several states do not even care about this very essential task and let go off the inspection step. Also, this one and only step is in- charge of checking each part of the house from the roof, to the basement, to the plumbing and so on. With prefabricated cabins, a specialized inspection occurs at each step of the construction process. They ain't mandatory by the government however, the manufacturers out there truly care about their client and make sure they do everything they can in their power to help the client live safe. In the end, just the way site- built homes have an inspection, prefab homes India or any other country will have a final inspection.

The building design:

Here's a FEMA report for you- it has been stated that minimal constructional damage has been noted in prefabricated housing developments. The modular style of construction provides an “inherently rigid system!” In spite of the 131- 155 mph winds of a category 4 storm, FEMA has reported that modular houses have performed greatly in comparison to the conventional homes.  

Bottom line being, it's the style of construction that has made prefabricated housing a class apart.


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