Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Expected To Grow Through 2018- Prefab Housing Market

 Shipping prefabricated homes are projected to reach 112000 units by the end of 2018.

There are several kinds of prefabricated homes- container homes, wooden homes, panelized prefab homes and so on. Manufactured homes are built according to modular, HUD building code and so on as per the local and state building regulations.

As per market research report on prefabricated houses, prefab homes are re- emerging as a one- stop solution for eco- friendly, affordable housing. Baby boomer population- the ones who are expected to drive demands for pre- owned and new houses in the upcoming future.

Manufactured prefabricated houses represent the largest product segment accounting for over 50% of the market volumes.

Modular homes are expected to overcome other segments with an annual growth projected to 2.6%. When it comes to manufactured homes sector, single- section manufacturing houses itself took over the multi- section as the largest sub- segment!

Prefab housing is highly popular amongst low- income home buyers, newly- weds, employed youth and so on. However, the lack of incentives, financial support and so on on the government's end continues to stall the recovery rate of the prefab industry.

In spite of close resemblance of prefab houses with site- built homes, the growth is rapid and largely tempered by buyers associated with mobile and manufactured homes. It's highly popular amongst people who are looking for cheap yet beautiful homes!

Now that the environmental awareness and pressures with regard to regulation has increased, it's driving in a lot of demands for energy efficient and green homes. Prefab homes are gaining popularity amongst new home buyers as these off- site built houses give room for owners with similar monetary, taxation and legal benefits.

Also, BIM- Building Information Modeling Software is complemented by several prefab home builders as it's boosting consumer building as well as contractor building to a great level.

Builders and manufacturers are incorporating several technologies like SIPs or, Structural Insulated Panels and other amazing eco- friendly technologies to secure LEEDs and other local building certifications. This is to improve the overall appeal of prefabricated houses among the growing section of the eco- friendly customers.

In the end, prefab homes are growing for reasons like them being green homes, energy efficient. Also, these homes have terrific customized finishes which the conventional building style cannot provide you with. Most importantly, they're cheap and open for all- the best option for today's generation who are building new homes for themselves.

Why pay home rent for years when you can build yourself a cheap, lovely home?


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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Design your Own Prefab Home

Modern ways of designing your modular home

It's an exciting experience to design your own prefabricated house. You can use your suppressed, creative spirits and put it to good use by adding special touches into your dream home! Adding a part of you to your prefabricated home is a wonderful way to make a house, your home. These custom home design floor plans shall get your creative juices flow and daydream about creating your dream home!

Plan to design your own house

It's all about how well you detail it. The work must be up front, along with intelligent design, before spending huge amounts on the actual construction. Take out time to solely plan out your custom home. A good design will not just ensure less time and money, it'll also ensure no wastage of space or materials. As a matter of fact, it takes 8-11 months for a custom- made home get built. So, start right now!

Design your prefab home with no stress!

Yes, a lot of stress goes along with time into the building of a house especially, if you're new to it. Right building permits, best ways to lay the foundation and so on have to be found out. Not just that, organizing the trades and making sure that everything is on time can also be strenuous. 
If you do not have experience in building yourself a home, there's a possibility for you to waste money and time. You may have to redo things every now and then. However, remember- it's your home and it's all worth it. That's what will get you rid of your stress. 

You may face difficulties with regard to what you need, whom you need and so on. Do not get worried- when you will look back at all this, you'll realize how different and how great a learning experience it was for you. 

Now, consider- You are designing your prefabricated house with the help of an experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable builder. The prefab home builder will take care of everything- realistic designs will come up, troubleshooting will take place bringing in clarity. With the help of modular building technology, a complete custom prefab home can easily be designed. It'll save your time, energy and money invested along with several other aspects. 

Save time and energy by designing your prefab home

Usually, the build time line of the prefabricated home is determined by the prefab home builder. According to a survey, hiring a contractor to build yourself your prefabricated house takes almost 2 months. Whereas, if one builds it on it's own, it takes over 5 months for it to complete. Signing up for a contractor is the smartest choice because you save almost 3 times of the time you would invest if you build the home on your home. 60 days can be proven to be extremely fun and productivity so,why not save it and enjoy your days by going for sun baths and so on?

The right kind of designing yourself your dream home is by hiring a good prefab home builder- work with him and tell him what you want. Then, work on the interiors all by yourself. Even that is immense hard work. However, it's totally worth it because it's a part of you and you'll be living it and your successors too. Imagine how proud they will be when they see your home years later, it'll forever be unique and beautiful to look and with the same coziness as you as an individual had!

Yes, it's dramatic. However, the feeling of working on your custom made home is something nobody can take away from you. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Something Indian Entrepreneurs Truly Need To Work On- Affordable Prefab Homes

It's funny how we do not explore the content on the internet. There are so many things we know about on the internet- sites like Wikipedia, social media sites like Twitter, and so on. What about widening your horizon- that's what the internet is all about, right? Why not use the internet to know about things we can use to improve the environment, our surroundings? 

We know how terribly Global Warming is affecting the Globe. Here's a solution to curb global warming as much as possible in the most minimal and useful way- to build prefabricated homes

Several countries already have the development of prefab homes. However, why not have prefab homes in India? That's when I googled about builders who work on prefab houses in India. These homes are simple and most useful for humans. It's not only the in- thing, it's beauty is truly attractive and most importantly, inexpensive!

Several countries like Middle Atlantic, and so on have gone forward with this concept. Several small and big manufacturing companies are available out there with a wide varieties of panels for house constructions. 

Some efforts in the line of building prefabricated houses are well seen in India here and there. However, they are not too popular. 

On looking at the overall housing construction in India, so far, it's only most been in a conventional way. Burnt bricks, glass, aluminum, cement mortar and so on are the most popular materials used which are not just time-consuming and expensive, they are also extremely harmful to the environment.

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Very rare present designs of homes in India are eco- friendly which is very sad. If not in the eco- friendly manner, look at it this way- it takes at leas a year's time to complete the construction of a 900 sq-ft carpet area property. The cost- as high as 2 million (in Rupees.) On the other hand, a prefabricated home with take nothing more than 3 months to it's maximum to be set up and be ready for the client to move into. 

In spite of India being 2nd most populous country in the World, more than half of the population- over 120 billion humans live without proper shelter. They're considered to be in the category of BPL(Below Poverty Line) whose average income is nothing more than Rs. 5000 each month. It's an unimaginable situation, available in reality, where houses at 1/10th of the amount mentioned above is the amount required for a prefabricated house! 

Champion Prefab Homes
Champion Prefab Homes

Due to an up rise in the secondary and tertiary sectors, there has been a severe downfall in the availability of skilled labor in the field of housing construction. It's now become very difficult to find plumbers, carpenters and so on. How can the conventional style of building homes still go on?

It's just sad how the Indian government is least concerned about it. The government is too short of visionary leaders who can foresee problems like this beforehand. 

Yes, organizations such as Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) and many state government sponsored housing boards are out there working on this issue. However, none of them other than a few companies like Champion Prefabs have truly worked on this problem and taken it in their hands. Not many have been able to popularize the aesthetic and practical housing designs which are comfortable and affordable for all. 

Rapid growth of conventional constructions has led to serious depletion of the river sand in several regions in India like Kerala. The river sand here has become very scarce. 

Factory sand has become available which is nothing but crushed rock- used as an alternative. The availability of river sand has depleted to a level that the prices have risen from a few hundred rupees to Rs. 10,000/ cubic meter.

Ever lived in concrete buildings? They are so harmful on a thermal level- an increase in the usage of air conditioner and electricity has been happening for quite some time now. People who can afford it- fine, go ahead and kill the environment. What about the poor- the ones who cannot afford 24*7 air conditioning supply? 

All these call for immediate actions to spread the word about Prefab homes and designs in India for both rural and urban people. 

Change is constant- visionary entrepreneurs need to take this in their hands make dynamic changes. It's an area where people like you, entrepreneurs can think different and lead to evolution of business models which are beneficial to society and the planet, as a whole.

You might wonder that it's technically difficult. Here's the thing- Know how's and technologies already exist everywhere.
What is truly needed are willing entrepreneurs who can take up the initiative and change the world. 

The opportunities and possibilities are immense!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Benefits of Building Custom Prefabricated Homes

What's the first thing that strikes you while buying yourself a home? You probably think of how you'll be affected financially- whether you'll be sustainable for long or not and so on. There are many disadvantages of purchasing a pre- existing home. Disadvantages like the home being used by someone else before might make you think twice or, the maintenance of the house in the past, damages and so on. However, building a prefab home on a property has become more frequent and preferred as well! There are so many benefits when you build yourself a new prefabricated home. 

Here are a few:

1. Energy efficiency- Prefabricated homes allow a wider and an updated range of technologies installed in the home for energy efficiency. A wider range and better quality of windows, insulation options passive solar and even more, all contribute to long- term benefits of owning a prefab home. Not just that, prefab homes are mostly constructed off- site and are just set- up on- site taking care of the laborers' energy efficiency as well!

2. Customized appliances- Prefab homes provide their clients to add appliances and features to their homes, saving more money in the long run. You choose what you want and will never be dissatisfied which is what sets prefabs home from the rest. Buying a traditional home or a previously built one shall cost you a lot more leading to a lot of repair charges and so on and you do not really get what you want.

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3. Privacy- While building a prefab home for yourself, you can build it with maximum privacy, in simple words, as per your wish. Your prefab home builders can help you out and help you figure out what you truly want and need. You can come up with several ways to maximize natural light or even broaden your wall structures making them more strong and so on. Purchasing an existing home does not provide with a high yield in comparison to a prefab home.

4. Money matters- Why does one buy an existing home? That's because he's assuming that an existing home is cheaper than a prefab home. As a matter of fact, fixing or upgrading parts and systems in the existing house and so on are way more expensive than building your own prefab home in your way, with your requirements. Prefabricated homes are typically more spacious and have more techno- savvy features.

5. Sentimental Value- There's a lot of hard work each individual puts in while building a prefab home. Be it the contractor or even you, each person contributes. From building the house brick by brick, to the detailing, to the decor of the house, it's all you. The emotional value you'll possibly have for your prefab home shall be insurmountable. Creating your own prefabricated home will give you the liberty to set up your home as per their needs, lifestyle and so on making it a great reason for you to invest in one.

It's obvious, a home is purchased to live in for a long period of time., probably several decades. Why not make sure that everything is perfect and up to your personal standards? Why not take out your precious time to build you even more precious prefab home? Yes, it will take long but, it's worth it. There's no point buying a pre- existing home. All it'll do is leave you dissatisfied and unhappy not serving the purpose of a real home!