Monday, 13 February 2017

How To Build Shipping Container Homes in Less Money

One of the major reasons behind why people prefer building shipping container homes over the rest because they can b built at the cheapest rates- it's like, you can even build container homes under 50k!

However, it's not about the money! There are several other reasons behind why you must move to a shipping container home right away like, they're eco- friendly homes and more!

If you want to learn how to build yourself a sassy home as well as save you money, here's all you need to do-

1. Plan things out: 

It's crucial for you to plan out your container house's construction. Especially, when you have a tight budget with great expectations, you must plan things out. If not, how will you know the progress and expenses while building your dream home? In the end, you'll be clueless! You need to look into 2 key factors while building yourself your container home-
Planning out your budget- Know how much money you can afford to spend on your new home
Have clarity with regard to what you need to be built- For instance, how many bedrooms do you need?
Only thorough planning will help you succeed in planning and building your container house under 10k.

2. Try not making major or silly mistakes:

Losing money is easy but, earning money is the hard part! Making silly mistakes like removing more steel than required from your container during modification is way beyond silly! You know why? Because, people who do so, lack planning and basic idea about container homes- they just give a shot in the air and obviously, it doesn't work out! 
Guess what, there's nothing worse than wasting materials and money in a low budget container prefab homes- it's just sad.

3. Which are the cheapest containers for building?

The very purchasing of the container is the most expensive investment of all. What if you would buy a used container home? It's definitely a great idea- unless, you check the container yourself and make sure everything's okay! 

However, it's definitely the best option to buy a new container home as it's unused- kept out of trouble! Look into it and, choose whatever you wish to.

4. Cautious expenditure of money: 

Remember, never try to save money on structural components! Building materials for the roof for instance, can be like metal to reduce maintenance costs! Also, the paints you choose, the decor and so on determine your expenses.

5. Use home materials: 

Well, for instance, prefabricated houses in India or wooden homes will be great for India  just like container homes because the raw materials available here are very affordable and from home- there's no importing of materials happening, making it affordable! If the case was Vice-Versa, the transportation fee, currency amount and so on are going to make the amount 3* more than the home materials!

6. Keep track of every Rupee you spend: 

Remember to have a spreadsheet and o not forget to update it each time you buy something with regard to your container house! If you do not do so, expect unexpected expenses as you will not have track of the money you have and you've actually spent!

Save money, build yourself your container house in under 50k and see how beautiful it turns out! It's worth the shot, definitely.

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