Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Busy Homeowner's Prefab Construction Timeline

Before the construction scenario begins for your prefabricated home, there are some things you need to make sure are done so that your dream prefab home is built on a 'good' plot of land. 
Following are the things you need to keep in mind and get done to make sure all's okay:

    • Due diligence on your site
    • Exploratory digging
    • Research with regard to soil
    • Conduction of a perc test


The Pre- Set Day phase:

While your prefabricated house is being constructed off- site by your builder, manufacturer, your GC crew will be working towards preparation of the delivery of your home and for the set- up process. There's a lot to work on which your builder shall tell you about.
  • Clearly marking out your property boundaries
  • The level of the build area
  • Clearing out the building area by getting rid of plants, trees or large rocks too
  • Three weeks before the set- up day arrives:
  • Designation and clearance of an are for an unpaved driveway for trucks and other vehicles to come in and for the usage of the crane
  • Digging of the foundation of your prefabricated house is done and any other on- site projects are taken care of like a porch or garage
  • Two weeks before the set- up day arrives:
  • Installation of the foundation
  • Installation of electric, plumbing, gas and several other things which will have to run through your prefab home's foundation
  • Inspection of the foundation
  • Fixing things before the next step as it'll be very expensive for you to fix things underneath post your prefab home set- up
  • One week before the set- up day:
  • Installation of footing drains
  • Installation of a sill plate
  • Pouring the foundation
  • Another inspection of the foundation
  • Waterproofing test
  • Drainage test

The Post Set- Day Time Phase:

Now that all's okay, the home's been delivered set- up and so on, it's time to make sure your prefabricated houses work as fully functioning homes. Even prefab homes need a bit of on- site work. Follow this timeline which may vary from one home to another:

First-week post set- up:

  • Weatherproofing of your prefab home
  • Begin working on exterior aspects of your prefab homes like garages, porches
  • Getting rid of temporary framing
  • Connection of utilities between modules
  • Building basement stairs
  • Second-week post set- up:
  • Connection of utilities to the grid
  • Testing utilities
  • Working on interior decoration
  • Third-week post set- up:
  • Carpeting your prefab home
  • Final inspection
  • Touch- ups on walls, repainting and so on
  • Fourth-week post set- up:
  • Completion of on- site work
  • Make final changes, if necessary

Finally, enjoy your dream Preb home and live peacefully. All this also applies to other kinds of prefab homes like wooden homes, prefab cottages and container homes!


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